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MCBI Green Team

The MCBI Green Team was founded in 2021. Our mission is to conduct research at the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology in a more sustainable manner. Furthermore, we aim to inspire other departments within Amsterdam UMC and VU University, and other research institutes, to do the same. To achieve this, we are actively collaborating with local and (inter)national green teams and sustainability initiatives.

The MCBI Green Team consists of a diverse range of people representing PhD students, postdocs, technicians, core staff and principle investigators.

Contact: Aram de Haas – chair of MCBI Green Team – or

Green Actions


Events in 2022

1 Jan – 1 July      Freezer Challenge

7 – 13 March      National Week without Meat & Dairy

19 May                Sustainable Research Symposium 2022

26 May               My green lab summit 2022

19 June               Climate March

Past events

October             Veggie Challenge

6 November     Climate March


Coming Soon!


2022 February: Amsterdam UMC employee magazine DNA

Resources for other labs/green teams

Links to websites and documents from green/sustainable science initiatives